Downtown Brew Festival

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Motley Brews' annual fall festival, held at the beautiful Clark County Amphitheater for a night of craft beer sampling, gourmet food and top-notch entertainment. Spectacular lighting and the intimate, grassy event space make DBF an immersive event experience that should not be missed.

Great Vegas Festival of Beer

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Nevada's largest craft beer festival, held in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas every spring. Great Vegas boasts the most expansive beer list of any Motley Brews event with more than 500 beers from 100+ craft breweries and menus from over 15 local chefs and restaurants.

Hopped Taco Throwdown

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Tacos and craft beer triumphantly rejoice together at Hopped Taco Throwdown! The event will be at The Backyard at Zappos on August 12th, 2017 featuring dozen of craft breweries and local culinary artists. This taco and beer festival features 12 different chefs/restaurants who specialize in different cuisines will compete with one mission in mind: to step out of their culinary comfort zones and create the most amazing, inventive tacos you’ve ever tasted.